How can the locksmiths at OK Advice assist you?

Not a Locksmith and just need advice?

The Locksmiths at OK Advice can advise as much or as little as you want.
From just a conversation via phone or email to full blown multi-page reports we’ll advice you on new or existing systems with our focus on empowering you to make decisions that a right for your company.
And because we don’t actually sell Master Keying Systems; you know we are impartial.

Master Key System data entry

Our team is computer literate, time efficient with them and very competent with the use of WH Software’s ProMaster Master Keying 8, something that most Locksmiths don’t have time to improve upon.
If the data entry of large door schedules are a hindrance to productivity or you simply don’t like doing them… then we will.

Simply provide us with all the documents (either electronic or hard copy) you have and we will do the boring stuff for you in the most efficient way.
When finished we will export you the system in a ProMaster Master Keying system export file…
you may just find that this can cost you less than paying wages for the time it would have taken!

If you are running an older version of ProMaster Master Keying, unfortunately we are no longer able to assist due to compatibility issues with modern operating systems.

If you are running another piece of software then talk to us… we may still be able to help with CSV exports.

Master Key System design

A common problem for Locksmith is the initial design work. Primarily because their client has ask for a number of specific things in their Master Key System.
This leads to systems that can quickly become problematic.
The experienced Locksmiths at OK Advice tackle this problem in two ways;
First, we will work with you and you client to make changes that will enhance the flexibility and durability of the system.
Secondly we can create designs in ProMaster Master Keying 7 (the progressions) that accurately reflect the real world hierarchy of the system.

This leaves you with systems that you can quickly and easily understand while avoiding future less than ideal codes being accidently used.

Master Key System – Problem resolution

Got and old system that is just giving you a headache? Let us be your pain relief!
We can investigate the system, find the causes of you problems and give you forward moving options to present to you customers.
This can be done by a conversation on the phone or via email or if you need a fully written report can be produced (for reprimanding staff or resolving disputes with clients).